Wedding: Chris & Nat

Location: Hollywood Beach, Florida

Chris and Nat have that all-consuming, electricity in the air, can’t-breath-without-each-other kind of love. We photographed their wedding when we were just getting started, and it was endearing to see a young couple so in love, starting life together. They had a small outdoor wedding in a gorgeous park with a bohemian antique vibe.


Chris & Nat-7022Chris & Nat-7023Chris & Nat-7028Chris & Nat-7106

Chris & Nat-7113

Chris & Nat-7141

Chris & Nat-7143

Chris & Nat-7271

Chris & Nat-7296

Chris & Nat-7301

Chris & Nat-7320

Chris & Nat-7340

Chris & Nat-7358

Chris & Nat-7368

Chris & Nat-6932 

Chris & Nat-6935 

Chris & Nat-6943 

Chris & Nat-6958 

Chris & Nat-7139

Chris & Nat-7152 Chris & Nat-7156 Chris & Nat-7159 Chris & Nat-7600

Chris & Nat-7659

Chris & Nat-7795

Chris & Nat-7800

Chris & Nat-7930

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